Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Week in Aruba

Sometimes life is funny.  I don’t really mean “funny” as in the strange, weird, coincidental funny.  I mean FUNNY.  Laughing your head off, stitch in your side, soda burning as it comes out your nose funny.  Sometimes I get the feeling that portions of my life serve as a sitcom for the folks in Heaven, and they are just up there laughing away at some of the situations we encounter. 

This past week, my life has been FUNNY, and all I can do is sit back and laugh. 

Several months ago, my husband and I decided that we were going to do something a little different for our vacation this year.  Having joined the millions who descend upon Myrtle Beach every year, we thought we’d change it up and take our children to Aruba this summer.  Not surprisingly, neither one was very excited about this Aruba trip, as they have both gotten used to having friends accompany them on vacation.  

Months went by and we never pursued the Aruba trip.  We still had the condo booked, and I still had it on my Outlook calendar, but we never got our passports and we never booked our flights.  Finally I cancelled our condo, opting instead for a week in Orlando.  Our week in Orlando was fun, but it wasn’t the Caribbean. 

The weeks of summer came and went.  We made other plans, thus forgetting about Aruba.  Last Saturday, as my husband and I crawled out of bed, I noticed that my phone light was blinking.  Emblazoned across my screen were the words “CHECK IN ARUBA.”  Yes, I had remembered to cancel our condo, but I had failed to remove our trip from my Outlook calendar.  What a cruel trick my Outlook account was playing on me, as I was preparing to go to a body of water.  Not the Caribbean Sea, but the James River. 

Yes, we had signed up to go canoeing with our church, a trip that would consist of three splendid hours rowing between the glorious banks of the James.  This trip turned out to be a fun-filled day shared with wonderful people, and we had a great time.  But I had to laugh when I woke up that morning, my Outlook calendar alerting me with “CHECK IN ARUBA.”

The days of the past week went by quickly, with everyone in my family working, practicing the various sports they play, and preparing for school.  It wasn’t long before I forgot all about the fact that we were supposed to be in Aruba.  Friday night, we got a call from our daughter, claiming she couldn’t get her Jeep started.   After picking her up in the darkened parking lot (she had been sitting in another friend’s car while waiting on us), Brian quickly decided that he needed some daylight to work on the Jeep, so we headed home, resolved to return to the Jeep in the morning, when it was light enough to see.

Feeling somewhat like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day,  I woke up Saturday morning to another Outlook message flashing on the screen of my phone.  This time, it read “CHECK OUT
ARUBA,” and I laughed, thinking, “Well, at least we’re checking OUT and not IN.  What else can we compare to Aruba today?”

The day proved to be crazy, and we didn’t return to the parking lot where the Jeep had been parked until that evening. 

When I saw that the Jeep had been parked not ten feet in front of Rachel’s Jeep, I had to laugh, thinking, “We are really on Candid Camera, Heaven’s Edition, because I know that the sitcom is going on right now!  Out of ALL the parking lots in Lynchburg, out of the HUNDREDS of parking spaces on Timberlake Road, the Jeep was parked right in front of Lynchburg’s own Bahama Sno Shack, which once again served as reminder of our defunct Caribbean vacation. 
One of the greatest gifts that God has given us is a sense of humor.  I love to laugh, and I am confident that the events of this week, combined with the reminders from my Outlook calendar have provided a good laugh for those onlookers from Heaven.


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